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Exceptional Exuma Services

We are located on Palm Bay Beach, George Town, Exuma, The Bahamas

Important Phone Numbers:
Police Station   1-242-336-2666
Location: In Georgetown across from the Straw Market and just before Peace & Plenty Hotel (pink building). The Royal Bahamas Police Force is very responsive & helpful.

Hospital/Clinic    1-242-336-2088
(ambulance service too)
Location: About one-quarter mile east of Flip Flops on the Hilltop; make a right turn at the main road (Queens Hwy), heading towards George Town.  Entrance is just across from the Fish Fry restaurants (on the right-hand side).

Airport Contact Numbers
Delta Airlines – 1-242-345-0280
American Airlines – 1-242-345-0124
Silver Airlines – 1-242-345-0280
Bahamas Air – 1-242-345-0035
Western Air Bahamas – 1-242-358-5002
Car Park


Land Taxi

Luther (large SUV)          1-242-357-0662
Armetia                           1-242-464-1037
Telecia                             1-242-524-4076
Margaret                         1-242-554-2456
Patrick (large Van)          1-242-464-1411  

Water Taxi
A-1 Water Taxi 
(near Gov’t dock)                            1-242-357-0544

Elvis Water Taxi (near Choppy’s restaurant)           1-242-464-1558
NOTE: Water Taxi’s usually depart the docks every hour on the hour starting at 11:00AM until 5/6:00PM (depending on daylight).

Car Rentals
Airport Car Rental                1-242-345-0090
Thompson Car Rental          1-242-336-2442

Boat Rentals
Minn’s Water Sports            

(right in George Town)         1-242-336-3483

Exuma’s Boat Rentals           1-242-357-0036

Island Exclusive Boats          1-242-442-8155

Sunsplash Rentals       

Car Park


Land Taxi

Luther (large SUV)
Patrick (large Van)


Water Taxi

A-1 Water Taxi 

(near Gov’t dock)

Elvis Water Taxi 

(near Choppy’s restaurant)




NOTE: Water Taxi’s usually depart the docks every hour on the hour starting at 11:00AM until 5/6:00PM (depending on daylight).

Car Rentals

Airport Car Rental
Thompson Car Rental


Boat Rentals

Minn’s Water Sports 

(right in George Town)

Exuma’s Boat Rentals

Island Exclusive Boats

Sunsplash Rentals







Excursions / Miscellaneous

Comfort Venture Tours
(Swimming pig & shark tours, Grotto; private ½-day & full day tours)

Island Boy Adventures

(Swimming pig & shark tours, Grotto; private ½ day & full day tours)

Exuma Water Sports 007

(Swimming pig & shark tours, Grotto; private ½-day & full day tours)

Hydro Watersports 242


(HydroBikes; tour of Moriah Cay & the Mangroves in Little Exuma)

Exuma Connect


(Rentals for beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, beach games, snorkel gear, groceries)

Bonefish Drex

Bonefish Stevie



Beach Access

Palm Bay Beach

Just a short 2-3 minute walk down the road from the house. Enter the path on the left of the building, walk past the pool on the left towards the beach entrance.

NOTE: The club room, pool, and beach toys are for guests of Hideaways only. Splash Restaurant is public; great meals to enjoy.


Jolly Hall Beach
Located about an 8-10 minute walk West from Hideaways. Simply walk down to Queens Hwy, cross the street, and follow the sidewalk heading west for about one-quarter mile. Look for “Beach Access” signs; follow the path down to the beach.  Or, you can walk to Palm Bay Beach; then turn left and walk along the beach, past the long natural jetty, and cross the small road to the beach.  This is a must-see beach; best visited when tide is moving out.


Hooper’s Bay Beach
Located about a 5-6 minute drive West from the house. Turn left at the main road (Queens Hwy) heading West. As you drive past Smitty’s Grocery and approach two green buildings (on your left), start looking for a yellow or white “Beach Access” signs on the right.  There is parking along the street (both sides).  Carefully cross the street and head down the path (a large white wall helps guide you down).  This is another beautiful beach and Sea Turtles often visit down by the dock towards the right end of the beach.


Tropic of Cancer Beach
Located about a 40-45 minute drive to the East and located on Little Exuma. GPS will get you there!! There is a single vehicle bridge to Little Exuma; don’t worry, drivers are friendly and accommodating to allow traffic to freely come and go. After the bridge, drive another 20-25 minutes and look for the Tropic of Cancer Beach sign on the left side of the road.  Enjoy!!


CHAT AND CHILL (by water taxi or boat rental)
Open daily: 10/11AM – 5/6:00PM

A MUST VISIT (day trip).  Popular on Sundays for Pig Roast.  Play Beach Volleyball, Cornhole, feed the stingrays, hang out in a hammock, listen to the local tunes, and relax.  Burgers, Chicken, Conch Salad, Beer, Drinks, and Water are for sale in the snack shop.  A small gift store is also on the island for purchasing t-shirts, bathing suits, suntan lotion, and other gifts.


PEACE & PLENTY BEACH CLUB (by the hotel’s water taxi)

Open daily: 11am – 6pm

Another MUST VISIT (day trip). Visit Peace & Plenty hotel in George Town.  Purchase tickets and take the P&P water taxi over to Stocking Island. There are beach chairs, umbrellas, tables, hammocks, Cornhole, and an incredible beach. A bar and grill service is available for purchasing your favorite beverages, plus burgers, chicken, and fries.



Beaches by boat rental 

Star Fish Beach – On Stocking Island on the western end. 

DaSand Beach – On Stocking Island towards the eastern end. 

Man of War – Large sand bar during low tide; a must see. Located near Little Exuma on the far eastern end of Elizabeth Harbor. 

Chat & Chill – You can also visit this beach on your own boat rental; best area to anchor is on the left side as approaching.

Fresh Produce

Grocery And Liquor Stores

Please note the stores do not provide plastic or paper bags. They do sell Reusable Grocery bags at the stores for $5 each; however, we have six (6) bags for your use (stored in the upstairs closet).  Please remember to return the bags after use; if any are lost or missing upon check-out, we charge the same $5 for replacement.


Exuma Markets

Mon–Sat from 8:00am-6:00pm; Sundays & Holidays from 8:00am-3:00pm /

The largest grocery store on Exuma.  Located in George Town; best selection of groceries, toiletries and OTC medicines and the like.

Smitty’s Grocery/Convenience Store & CNK Liquor

Mon–Sat from 8:00am-5:00pm / Located just 5 minutes by car; turn left on Queens Hwy (heading back towards the airport) and located on the right-hand side. A Pharmacy is also on-site; the best available on Exuma.

Prime Island Meats

Mon–Sat from 8:00AM-5:00PM / Located about 8 minutes by car; turn left on Queens Hwy (heading back towards the airport) and on the left-hand side.

242 Prime Spirits Liquor

Mon–Sat 9:00am-6:00pm / Located in George Town about 2 buildings before Exuma Markets on the left.

John Marshall Liquor Store

Mon–Sat 9:00am-6:00pm / Located in George Town just before the Shell Station on the left.

Grocery/Liquor Shopping Concierge and Delivery
Dee’s Services: 1-242-524-5192



Splash Bar & Grill

located at Palm Bay Beach
Monday – Sunday 7:30AM – 8:00PM
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Copia Restaurant (at Peace & Plenty Hotel)

located in George Town
Monday – Sunday 7:30AM – 9:30PM
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Reservations recommended

Sandpiper Café

located in George Town

Monday – Sunday 8AM – 1PM
Breakfast and Lunch

Rusty Anchor @ February Point

located 1 mile past George Town
Wednesday – Sunday 12:00pm -8:00pm
Lunch and Dinner only
Reservations recommended for dinner 1-242-336-2400

Santana’s Bar & Grill

Located on Little Exuma (50 minute drive)
Monday – Saturday 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Lunch only – a must visit!!

Cocoplum Bistro

Located past the airport (30 minute drive)

Monday – Sunday
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Reservations required; call 242-524-8116 (

Fish Fry

10 minute walk from the house (to the right on Queens Hwy)
Different hut-like restaurants/bars offering local cuisine; fan fav is Shirley’s.

Tim's on the Bay

located about 1 mile east of the airport

Tuesday thru Sunday

lunch and dinner



Snappy Turtle

Located on Stocking Island (via water taxi or boat rental)

Behind Chat & Chill at cove entrance. While waiting on your meal, follow the paths out back and view the Atlantic Ocean!


PIZZA DELIVERY – Mike’s Pizza Plus
Monday – Saturday 12:00pm – 7:00pm
View menu on Facebook Mike’s Pizza Plus

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